About Militza Irish Setters

We have been involved with the Irish Setter breed for over 30 years and what started as a small hobby for me still is, but is definitely a passion today.  My love for the Irish Setter began apparently as a small child because as an adult I unpacked a box in my attic and there was a letter that I written probably at age ten that described how I loved the breed, would love to own one, and have a show dog one day! 

Our first Irish Setter, Brittany, came from the local pound.  I wanted one so badly and then newly married could not afford the price as listed in the newspaper.  So Roger and I went to the shelter just to get a dog of some breed or not and there sat an Irish Setter bitch without a stitch of hair ----but she was so beautiful to me!

She turned out to be a great dog, grew lots of hair but was truly our pet.

After her death, my husband surprised me with another one.  Our friend owned a local pet store and he had a book of Virginia breeders of various breeds of dogs---which listed Dunholm Kennels- Dr. John Savory in Charlottesville, VA as a local breeder.  My husband bought Millie a/k/a Honeyrock Militza of Dunholm home to me –and while never shown by me she was bred to CH Dunholm Kildare and was the foundation of Militza.


In 1997 Ken Wall began showing our bitch CH Militza's Tell Me No Lies "Kayla" and from there a wonderful friendship and partnership was formed that spanned over twenty years of breeding, showing, and owning the dogs together. We are so grateful for Ken and Joel Fisher DVM and for their contributions and fantastic memories that we have while they were part of Militza.   

Our dogs are a part of our family—they are not kennel dogs.  We breed occasionally when we are ready for something else to add to the mix.  We have been very blessed with breeding wonderful dogs to leave here and go into their new homes and offer great companionship.  We have had repeat puppy buyers over the years and several families have owned more than one of our dogs at one time.  Over the years, dogs bred at Militza have been not only involved in conformation dog showing, but agility, obedience, tracking, and therapy work.  We do our very best to breed healthy, happy dogs as that are far more important to us than any win!

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